Humane Society of the Capital Region

An advocacy organization to promote a regional approach to animal welfare in the Capital Region of NYS


Latest News:

The Humane Society of the Capital Region is pleased to announce that a $1,500 grant has been awarded to Animal Protective Foundation (APF). This grant will allow for an update of the organization's shelter data management system to PetPoint.

"Transitioning to PetPoint will increase our efficiency, staff access and improve reporting for the APF. This will position the APF for future conversations with area animal welfare organizations with the goal of sharing and analyzing data on a regional basis, so as to be able to track larger trends beyond those occurring within our walls", states APF Executive Director, Deb Balliet. "Operating the same database system allows organizations to compare data and gain much needed insight into the trends of our region and assess future shelter needs and opportunities".

About Us:

The Humane Society of the Capital Region was incorporated in late 2009. Our mission is to promote the cause of animal welfare with a regional approach. We believe that it takes a community working together in proactive ways to enact real change and coordinate the efforts of all.

The most effective way to address homelessness, overpopulation, neglect, cruelty and unnecessary euthanasia is for all to share information, coordinate resources and efforts, and eliminate excessive duplication of services.

Considerable resources are being used in the Capital Region's quest for a more humane landscape. However outcomes are not being measured, the need and availability of services is not being tracked, and organizations are not working together to garner strategic funding for community collaborations that will save the lives of thousands of animals.

Our Vision:

Consistent standards for reporting and benchmarks should be developed for community-wide analysis of outcomes. Reliable data on animal metrics needs to be tracked and disclosed. The Asilomar Accords offer a set of guiding principles to collect and report this data. Besides informing the community, this will allow the Capital Region to be eligible for grants and funds from national animal welfare organizations and foundations.

All animal welfare charities should post their most recent IRS 990 or financial audit on their website in the interest of transparency and accountability. A set of standards should be developed to make sure that all organizations are categorizing revenues and expenses similarly for so it can be compiled into a community analysis.

All involved with animal welfare should work cooperatively in the form of a Capital Region coalition. Animal welfare organizations, local governments, law enforcement, pet owners, veterinarians, residents and, most importantly, companion animals, have a stake in the process. The strength of a coalition can be used to build credibility, improve public relations, and influence the leaders and lawmakers who can provide the resources necessary to take on the challenges of saving animals.

We are an advocacy organization only:

The Humane Society of the Capital Region does not have a physical location, nor do we handle animals. If you have any issue with a lost animal, a sick or injured animal, or an animal cruelty complaint, PLEASE contact your local animal shelter and/or police department.

We do not solicit donations, but any monies collected are used for grants that promote our mission. Should you wish to contribute to this cause, or find more about our grant making, please email us at

Humane Society of the Capital Region | 125 Wolf Road, Ste 204 | Albany, NY 12205 | 518-599-0219