Founded in 2009, the mission of the Humane Society of the Capital Region is to advance the humane treatment of animals in the region surrounding New York State's Capital - encompassing Albany, Schenectady, Troy and its suburban and rural communities.

Saratoga's Homeless Kittens Need Your Help!

The Saratoga County Animal Shelter's Annex is looking for a new home. For the past four years, the Annex has operated to relieve the strain on the main facility by providing adoption services for cats and kittens. The Annex space, located in the Clifton Country Mall, was donated by DCG Development at no cost with the understanding that the volunteers would have to vacate if the space were leased.

Last week the organization was notified that they would need to vacate within ten days, for a new Radio Shack. The mall manager will attest to the fact that they were a clean and responsible tenant, and brought in traffic to the mall.

Now the search is on for a new home in Southern Saratoga County. The organization is in need of at least 1,200 sq ft, (ideally they would like 2,200 sq ft) and may be able to afford a small leasing cost. However, the hope is that a developer or property owner with empty space may be willing to donate to save the kittens - even if only on a temporary basis. MORE

Humane Society of the Capital Region releases Report on Animal Welfare in the Capital Region

A study called the Report on Animal Welfare in the Capital Region reveals serious gaps in services that address animal homelessness, overpopulation, neglect, cruelty and unnecessary euthanasia in the region.

The report, which analyzes animal welfare in an 11-county area including Albany, Schenectady and Troy, finds that the Capital Region is euthanizing animals at a greater rate per capita than other areas of the state and calls for a regional approach to close the gaps.

The report calls for animal welfare organizations and stakeholders to come together to find solutions to address the gaps in services, share information, coordinate resources and efforts and eliminate excessive duplication of services.

Report on Animal Welfare in the Capital Region

What you can do to help?

You can help us achieve our mission by encouraging all animal welfare organizations to complete the survey we are sending them. We are asking for detailed information on the number of animals they serve and the services they provide. We also appreciate any monetary donations to help defray the cost of paper, postage, and other administrative expenses incurred, as well as funding for future projects. Currently all labor and almost all administrative costs are being donated by our dedicated board and volunteers.

The Humane Society of the Capital Region does not have a physical location, nor do we handle animals. If you have any issue with a lost animal, a sick or injured animal, or an animal cruelty complaint, PLEASE contact your local animal shelter and/or police department.

Why create another animal
welfare organization?

The organization was founded to act as a central resource for all who are responsible for and who have concerns for the animals in this community. There are over 100 local animal welfare organizations (that we are aware of), and yet no one central resource collects information about how many animals are being helped, what services are being provided, and what are the unmet needs and services for animals in this community. National animal welfare organizations have identified that each community needs to create a coalition in order to make sure needs are being met and financial resources are being used effectively. Our goal is to provide this for our community, but we cannot do it alone. We need the cooperation of all the stakeholders in this community.

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